SiS and Measuring

aidso Posts: 493
Does anyone use SiS Rego post-ride? Just wondering what you use to measure the dosage? I have a 20ml spoon from my Torq drink and I'm putting in 2.5 scoops to make 50ml. Tends to go everywhere though as the tub is so big. Gotta be an easier way?


  • floosy
    floosy Posts: 270
    Kitchen scales i use..

    pop bottle on to scales, zero

    and the add your rego...(50g )

  • deeptheory
    deeptheory Posts: 76
    I use the SiS water bottle. It has guides on the bottle for the weights/portions for the various products they sell re-go, psp22, go electrolyte etc.

    Have a look at this...

    The little black triangles show the portion sizes e.g 50g/75g etc.

    Seemed to work ok for me but the large tub of re-go was a nightmare to pour the mix from so I ended up taking a stanley knife to the tub so I could get a spoon in.