Torque Wrench

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Thinking of investing in a torque wrench but they seem to be available in low torque 5-25nm and high torque 21-105nm.

I dont want to buy two so am i right in assuming must bike bolts will be in the 5-25nm range?


  • sungod
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    5nM is too high for some parts

    sealey stw1012 is good for bikes, 2-24nM, comes with case and calibration certificate ... ef=STW1012

    big stuff like cassette lockrings etc., just use a spanner and tighten to nnnggh. rather than UNGGGGH
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  • micken
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    ^ nice one sungod, correct as usual, do you practise that one on the toilet?
  • solboy
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    Nice one as my Dad sells Sealey tools so should get one at cost! Thanks bud.
  • bigpikle
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    got a really good deal on mine from Screwfix
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