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I managed to break my Topeak Road Morph on my last outing.

I'm looking at replacing it with either of the following -




Does anyone own these and which would you recommend?


  • cougie
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    I have the Lezyne - I think its that model, and a smaller stubbier one for my MTB and winter bike.

    I think I'd just go with the smaller one to be honest - for the rare occasions you use them - its almost as good as the longer one - but easier to carry.
  • GyatsoLa
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    I haven't used that topeak one (I've used other Topeak pumps and they are fine, but I find the Lezyne pumps brilliant, very well made, very light and compact, I doubt you'll regret going for one.
  • brucey72
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    I got this one after taking advice on this forum. It's small (fits in my jersey pocket), works well (it says 160 psi but I think 120psi is more realistic) and looks really stylish. I know it's not one of the ones you asked about but just thought I would throw it into the mix:

  • red dragon
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    I have just bought a boardman mini pump and am very pleased. I think it is better than a recently purchased topeak mini pump, but that is only my opinion.
  • christurbo
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    My Lezyne Pressure Drive [90g] small arrived today.

    It is TINY! and has a very slim holder which is much better than any other I have used.

    I pumped up my front tyre as a test and it did the job, it has a rubber valve hose which means that you dont break your valve like the integrated pumps can do.
  • Fenred
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    red dragon wrote:
    I have just bought a boardman mini pump and am very pleased. I think it is better than a recently purchased topeak mini pump, but that is only my opinion.

    This ^^
  • Bar Shaker
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    I also have a Boardman one. I have only used it once, when a friend punctured. We later checked his pressure and he was at 105psi. We could have pumped more in.

    I now have CO2.
    Boardman Elite SLR 9.2S
    Boardman FS Pro
  • porker33
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    I have the Topeak...have used it once, a friend has the Leyzne......both work well and appear well made,,,,,it may be down to which one you like the look of.

    Hopefully you have a track pump for everyday use and will hardly ever use the mini pump.
  • ShutUpLegs
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    Get one with the flexi tube thingy rather one that fits directly on the valve
  • n1ckster
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    I have just bought a Topeak Racerocket; it is nice and compact, seems to be well built and is available at a decent price point.

    Before having to use it in anger, last night I decided to deflate one of my tyres and use the new pump to get a feel for its use etc.

    I attached the threadlock easily enough and pumped the tyre up to a reasonable pressure, just to provie it worked. At this point I started to get frustrated when removing the flexible threadlock hose from the presta valve because it unscrewed the inner core of the valve and let all the air out of the tyre.

    Is there a technique required to remove the hose/pump without removing the inner core of the valve??