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I'm thinking about a pair of Assos waist shorts. Have any other women bought them? How accurate is the sizing guide? It suggests small is for a 36 inch hip and medium is for a 39/40 inch hip. Nothing about waist size though.

any advice? Can't try them on locally, only stockist within an hour drive doesn't have any just now.


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    Depending on where you buy them online, you can exchange them if they don't fit. I know this isn't ideal and hopefully you get the answer you are looking for before ordering.
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    No idea about the women's sizing but if it's anything like the men's it will be on the slightly smaller side, but not excessively so. That's based on what a medium, large etc would be in other brands.

    Looking at the sizing guide, the men's sizing is based on height but the women's on hip measurement... The specified height for a medium is spot on for me and that's what fits, although I'm fairly slim.

    Based on that I'd guess that the specified hip sizes for the women's are assuming a relatively slim build in other dimensions, but it's just a guess...
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    Thanks for the input. I probably will have to order a pair and resign myself to swapping them if they don't fit.

    But if any Assos-wearing women could chip in, I'd be really grateful. I've a relatively podgy waist, compared to my hip size. Does Assos assume women have Nigella-like dimensions, or do they design for the more straight-up-and-down sort of body?

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    With Assos, the cut is always race-specific for a godess-like figure, so try before you buy is the normal rule.

    Failing that, if you go to a decent online retailer with good rep for Assos, such as Parker International, they are very good with exhanges/refunds.