Chinese titanium frame

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Don't seem to be able to find anything in the search section, all seems to be about carbon.
Has anyone dealt direct with a manufacturer from China & do they do made to measure as an option?
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  • appletrees
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    Try XACD - they do do custom. I enquired about prices and IIRC they came in at about £400 or so...

    But I then got a deal on something else. Others on here have used them.
  • lmk1
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    here's a link to an ebay seller ... 41590391ec

    i was tempted at one point. if you decide to buy let us all know what the frame's like
  • bigpikle
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    search around and you'll find peoples experiences on here and other forums. I looked at it fo a while when I thought I wanted a ti frame, and while people seemed to have generally good experiences I also seem to remember the frames werent featherweights when they arrived....
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  • de_sisti
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    I've bought 3 frames from xacd (sold 1 and kept 2). I've not had a problem with them. They're
    not super light, but there again, I don't suppose all titanium frames are. Cheap as chips though.
  • Monty Dog
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    I'm in the process of working-out the details for another custom frame from XACD/Xi'an. I've had a custom ti cross frame from them for over 5 years - it's taken all sorts of abuse and had no problems. You need a good eye for detail if going custom as you need to nail-down every detail.
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