Seriously low budget road bike

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Hey guys i'm currently in the market for a road bike and have about 100-200 pounds maximum i can spare. So obviously second hand is the only way to go.

My question is is this even possible can i get a road bike capable of 50-100 mile rides in this budget?

I made the huge mistake of buying a good mountain bike with my spare cash then realising i don't have much off-road terrain worthy of a decent mtb near where i live.
Claud Butler Explorer 100

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  • tim_wand
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    Look on E bay or back of cycling weekly for someone selling a Ribble WInter Trainer that they have used ( funnily enough over the winter) you might just get lucky.

    Unfortunately from Easter onwards until Septembe,r 2nd hand road bikes start attracting a premium.

    Alternatively you could put a Swap on here in both road wanted and MTB classified for you MTB against a road bike. Many people are in the reverse situation to yourself.

    I swapped a PX pro carbon Sl for an Orange FIve MTB on here once when I needed a mountain bike for taking the kids out at work. Then when I realised I live in Lincolnshire and could keep up with most of the kids on my Crosser I swapped it back again for another Carbon PX

    Just suck it and see. Or try and find the ribble.
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    You shouldn't struggle on eBay.

    I got this for £83 and I've been doing 80plus miles a week on it. ... AGB%3A1123

    It's had new tyres (£20) and a £40 service.

    I got lucky because you could buy something that is shagged but I'd say trust your instinct and go for it.