Seals on Forks Come Off

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Hi guys

I've had a Cube Attention for over a year now and am aware that the forks on it are pretty cheap (Suntour XCM).

I decided there was no point in upgrading them until they bit the dust though and sure enough after a fair few rides in Hayfield the rubber seals on them have come off- so they now generally sit half way up the stanchion exposing the top of the tube(s) below.

I've tried shoving them back in but as soon as I go for a ride off-road they just come unstuck again. To make matters worse I've been out in the rain and mud so I presume that there is a fair amount of grit and water in them now.

So my question is this- is it worth getting them serviced or fixed or are they likely to have bit the dust for good? I do want to upgrade them but I can't really afford the cash for a few months so it would be good to keep them going for a short while if possible though seems pointless spending a lot.

Or, is there any way of sorting just the seals out? (seems doubtful- not sure how I could make them 'stick' there permanently)


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    I would see it as the right time to upgrade.
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  • GHill
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    Are they really seals, or more of a rubber boot on top? Can you see the inner-workings now?

    Either way, I probably wouldn't pay much to get them fixed, a good service will be a significant chunk of the cost of a new fork like a Tora.
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    As GHill says, if it's just the rubber boot, don't worry about it.

    The forks are probably just a spring inside a couple of tubes, so if you wanted to service them yourself it might be pretty simple. Undo 2 bolts, slide apart, pour out water/grit/mud, put a bit of grease/lube on inside of legs(the forks legs...not your legs!) and bolt back together. No promises on that though.

    Or upgrade.

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  • wheelygood
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    Very simple fork. You can easily remove the lower legs and clean them up - and should do as part of a regular service as this prolongs the life of the fork. If the wiper seals have come off they can also be bought and replaced easily. Rubber boots are not required - just keep fork stanchions clean and a drop of fork lube regularly and they'll last longer.
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    Thanks for the advice folks.

    I can't actually see the inner workings when I peer down the top though it looks like there's a small gap now where water and dirt could get in but it's not as bad as I thought.

    Either way I think I'll just keep running them until I can afford some new ones then, and try and give them a quick service myself if I find the time if it's fairly simple- could be good practice I guess!