Ultegra vs. Dura-Ace

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Is it worth pay a lot extra for dura ace over ultegra.
i will be buying a new tailor made van nicholas astraeus in autumn so since i spending a lot of money already is it worth going the extra mile for dura ace.

i will ask on another forum about the wheels and the forks ( either van nicholas own carbon brand or easton ec90 slx )

My may concerns with the bike will be.

to be comfortable
to be well built
to last
to look good
easy to handle

thanks in advance to all. cheers darren.


  • cougie
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    My DA kit lasts extremely well. But that said - if I was buying new now - I'd go with Ultegra, and save the extra. I had heard that electronic ultegra will be coming out this year - so may be worth hanging on ? Even if you dont like electronic - I think the nornal ultegra may get cheaper ?
  • watchfire
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    Between Dura ace and Ultegra I would say the following applies;

    to be comfortable
    no difference, shape is the same
    to be well built
    ultegra lasts as long, DA is lighter- not sturdier
    to last
    see above
    to look good
    Dura ace has more cool points as it is the higher level, colour is slightly different also so personal choice on shades of grey
    easy to handle ---- they work in the same way

    I would go Ultegra and put the extra in to wheels, tyres, kit etc.
    My classifieds feedback thread for reference

  • Kona21
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    If you can afford it, get it. If you have to scimp on other parts, wheels, etc to afford the DA dont bother.

    I have just gone from 5 year old chrous to newish super record. being honest its no diff. I would never pay full price for it and if I have to replace any of it i wont replace it with super record.
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