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What do you know about cyclo cross bikes?

Are they basically a roadbike, but with calliper stylee brakes?

Geometries the same?

Could you put normal width road wheels and tyres on? (eg. slap my RS80s on with 10sp cass)

I thought it could be a good 2nd bike, with spare wheels - commute/winter trainer, then get rid of mountain bike, coz it can be used on family days on tracks etc???

I know the chainring is smaller - generally 34/48 ish - But would prove good for training

Some also have the eyelets to take a full mudguard.

Thoughts please.


  • ShutUpLegs
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    Have a look at the Focus carbon offering

    Wiggle had this listed on their website a while ago but I havent seen it since. ... x-1-1.html
  • cougie
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    I've got a Planet X Uncle John. Compact Ultegra gears.

    I've two sets of wheels - one with higher spoke count and chunky tyres for off road, and one set of Planet X Type B's with road tyres on.

    I love it. I'm thinking of selling my carbon road bike as this seems as fast but far more versatile. My mate has a S-Works Tarmac SL3 with flash carbon wheels on.
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    My Jake the Snake CX bike is hugely versatile. There's only 2 problems, firstly the brakes are crap and secondly, despite the carbon fork it's still a bit harsh. But it will do 90% of what my pure road bike will do and 50% of what my MTB will do (using the same tyres).
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  • Monty Dog
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    It depends on different makes but generally cross bikes have bigger clearances for the tyres / mud, use cantilever brakes and often bike set-up is shorter and higher than road bike geometry to give more ground clearance / stable handling in heavy conditions. You can run regular road wheels but tubs are preferrable for racing, particularly in softer conditions. I have two cross bikes and looking to get another titanium frame custom built which I'll use as a spare / training bike. My Kuota Kross race bike is pretty light, is hugely stiff and is fast as any road bike when shod with skinny tyres. Brake set-up is critical - I run TRP 950 cantis which are as good as any road caliper IME. I sold my MTB after getting a cross bike - it's as fast, if not faster than an MTB on anything except technical downhills, doesn't weigh a ton and have energy-sapping suspension and is far better at riding longer mixed routes of bridleway, trails and roads. Most cross bikes have a slightly higher BB than a road frame and can feel at little odd at first, but once you're used to it, present no problems.
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  • tim_wand
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    I m lucky enough to have a carbon road bike (Planet x pro sl ) a MTB (On one in bred) and a CX orientated commuter/ tourer (Planet x Kaffenbach) in my stable (No i'm not Brant Richards and yes I am a skin flint)

    At least 80 % of Everything gets done on the Kaffenbach and if it was an Uncle John then that would probably be everything except Sprint Tri's.

    As Monty Dog says the only real problem is Canti-braking, and again he offers one of the only two solutions I know TRP 950'S (or CX 9'S ) best with Shimano sti's exspensive and a bugger to set up (CX 9's about 2 mm rim clearance) or Avid Ultimate Shorties (Best with SRAM levers) and mega exspensive.

    If I could only have one bike then it would be a Crosser with two sets of Wheels and tyres. (and the above mentioned brakes)
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    I did the bike leg of a sprint tri on my UJ - we came second team. I will probably race ironman on it this year.
  • Monty Dog
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    Whilst the PX Kaffenback isn't really a full-on cross bike, it's a great all-rounder. Some of the more basic TRP cantis are pretty good e.g. 520/720 because they have orbital brake pad adjustment.
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  • tim_wand
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    Nice one Coughie really tempted to Swap the Kaffenbach for an Uncle John. I m just waiting to see what their rumoured new Fondo frame is like.