Easton Aero or Fulcrum Racing 7?

pottssteve Posts: 4,069
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Upgrade time!

There's barely any price difference in these, as far as I can see, so I'd appreciate any advice or experience people have. I'm looking for reliability and ride quality.

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  • sad Bastad
    sad Bastad Posts: 19
    Done c.10K miles on my Fulcrum 7s. Still absolutely true. Great commuter/training wheel
  • solboy
    solboy Posts: 368
    i have a set of nearly new (sub 300 miles) FR 7s i am selling :D
  • dawebbo
    dawebbo Posts: 456
    Not sure which Easton you mean, the EA50?

    I have some f7s on my training bike. Heavy and a bit squishy, but run true and smooth so exactly what I want for that bike.