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What do you wear, or would like to wear? Its all designed for men, but with ladies sizing. I'm finding it hard to find something suitable - I'm not overly generouse (a 12) but would like something that covers my derriere. does some nice stuff, but would a tennis dress over cycling shorts work? :o
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    The person to ask about what women should wear on bikes is called Aggieboy, you'll find him in the cakestop ....or in a pub in the east end drowning his sorrows....or in a supermarket in birmingham.!!!
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    If you pop over to the London Fixed Gear and Single Speed forum, there's a ladies section with people who should be able to point you towards some decent stuff. Be warned, they're a feisty bunch over there, but the ladies section is a little more civilised.

    Edit: Just checked, there's a 7 page thread on women specific cycling clothes. Should be an idea or two in there.
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    double post
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    Castelli (my fave manuf) actually do a cycling 'tennis dress'. It looks mint.

    Edit- can't find it now! :(
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    Assos do some rather fetching ladies bib shorts - although they are somewhat pricey!
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    Here! It even has a pair of matching padded shorts...

    It's called the Melbourne.

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    NapoleonD wrote:
    Castelli (my fave manuf) actually do a cycling 'tennis dress'. It looks mint.

    Edit- can't find it now! :(

    How do you find it on a windy ride? Does it flap around much? :wink:
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    stella mccartney has teamed up with adidas to create some stuff for women.