Which bar tape?

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I took delivery of my Ribble Sportive last week, and am already looking to replace the Deda bar tape.

Would like to stick with Silver, so I am currently considering Cinelli Treasure tape.

Anyone used this and got any comments.

Also, can anyone recommend some good bar tape, available in silver, for around £20?

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  • B3rnieMac
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  • Keith1983
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    please, please, please do not use bike hut tape. I'm sure you wouldn't anyway but I used some and although me being a bit of a novice it is awful stuff! Replaced it with some easton stuff after 2 days.
  • rolf_f
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    I find the standard Deda cork Ribble use is comfortable and doesn't show the dirt.........
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  • B3rnieMac wrote:

    I have this on my Fuji (Red and Black version,) awesome stuff.

  • tremayne
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    Would go along with everything said on Fizik bar tape. Have tried many sorts and can honestly say that Fizik is the best I've come across. The one I'm mostly using is the Microtex Dual. It's more padded than standard microtex and better still, the stiching makes it a piece of cake to put on - enables you to keep a very measured distance between each wrap (ie just lay the next wrap next to the stitched line - and voila!). At least one pro team that I'm aware of also uses Fizik micotex dual (mention just on basis that those guys do multiple hours at a time).
  • mjgoodhand
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    I really like Cinelli Gel Cork, the feel and padding are great in my opinion. There is one big drawback in that it gets dirty very easily (I am a bit of a tart and like white tape).

    Has anybody tried wrapping microtex over the top of Cinelli Gel Cork? I think I might give this a try when next need some clean tape.