new wheels i need some help

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i had a crash on the fred whitton on honister and have trashed my pro-lite braccianno's . I need some new wheels and have no idea what to buy i have a £400 budget and like the look of shimano rs80's or mavic krysiums anyone got any advice or feedback ? Someone mentioned chinese carbons but not too sure about them. Do pro-lite do warranty or replacement ? Ive only ridden the braccianno's 5 times and the rim failed and folded and snapped at the join. it bloody hurt


  • nochekmate
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    If as you say the rim failed, then I'd be getting straight back to the manufacturer before spending any more cash.
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    factory wheels :evil: iv got open pro on pmp from Harry Rowland a little bit more than 400 but very tasty & all serviceable

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    You'd have to prove that the rim failure was due to defective materials / manufacture rather than impact damage for a valid warranty claim. An impact puncture could initiate such a failure. I'd avoid a carbon rim given your experience with a collapsing wheel. The roads on the Fred Whitton are pretty rough IME and an under-built wheel experiencing an excessive load will not surprisingly collapse.
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