Where to shift weight when descending?

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Still working on my descending technique. :)

Most of the guides recommend putting your weight back on the saddle/pedals, but a couple of articles I've read recently suggest putting weight forward over the front wheel, if you're a big lad. I am (not a porker, you understand :lol: ) so should I? I'll try it of course, but I was wondering about other people's experience.
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    Fast descenders ride naturally. On the flat, you settle into a natural, balanced position which permits best control of your bike: why not keep that same position around fast corners?

    If you're really keen to read about descending, the only article I've seen online that's worth reading is this one:

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    Keep the weight between the wheels and as low as possible - you know you've got it right when you 'rail' a turn, keeping the pressure on the wheels constant, if you tighten the turn radius slightly you'll also get a little acceleration out the bend. Putting the weight onto the front wheel will increase the risk of it washing-out which is almost impossible to recover.
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    you are reading different things because they are simplifying too much, in practice you need to shift your weight

    this describes it well...

    http://www.flammerouge.je/content/3_fac ... escend.htm
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    Thanks for that - excellent guide.
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