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Chariot CX1

Currently hanging my nose over a Chariot CX1 - has anyone had experiences of hitching a child trailer to a full suspension bike? Is it ok to use a full suspension bike for towing? I have an Orange pro five and don't really want to buy a new bike as well as the CX1!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Yup, and yup, no prob at all with the suspension aspect of it.

    Just make double-sure it'll work where the hitch is mounted to the bike. Sometimes discs (if your dually has them, which is a safe assumption) can make trailer hitches difficult/impossible to fit.
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  • Word is that trailers and bouncers are a bad combination as the torque will pull it in a direction it's not designed for. I tend to use my double chariot on the hardtail for that reason. Having said which the bushings on the bouncer are still shot.
    I think the Chariots may be especially bad for it as the ball hitch is made of some weird plastic material that means it bounces back and forth when riding which I'd imagine the suspension would fully not like. My knees aren't too keen on it either.
  • Just in case it didn't come across in the previous post, I really like the Chariot we got. Worked very well to get some exercies in the dark days of early fatherhood. :shock:

    Done Afon at CyB, Blue at Llandegla and various bits of the Red at 'Degla including the Double steep hill, which was fun.

    It survived very well indeed.

    Before you shell out the cash, can i ask why you're getting the CX1 instead of the two seater?
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