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Anyone here own a Circe Helios tandem??

don_dondon_don Posts: 1,007
I am seriously considering getting a Circe Cycles Helios tandem, partly for family rides but primarily for the school run. My 5 year old would be the stoker and the 3 yr old would go in a child seat on the rear rack. Circe assure me that this is feasible.

I have ridden one briefly at Bikefix in London, but only with an adult stoker.

Does anyone here own one and could you give me any feedback about the bike? In particular, I am wondering how it would handle with no stoker, but with a child in the rear bike seat. I would have to ride across town like this at least once a week.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks,



  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    there is a thread on the Tandem club board about them.

    I can't imagine handling would be affected much at all without a stoker. Your weight up front is more significant than the child seat out back.

    I've ridden a normal tandem with no stoker and apart from being lighter I didn't notice any difference in handling.
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