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New Tyres - blimey!

JSTJST Posts: 158
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So, swapped my worn down to the next layer Schwalbe Blizzard Sports that came on the bike for some Michelin Krylion Carbons last night and then rode to work this moring. WOW :shock: what a difference they have made!!!!11!

I am a fairly new to all this but I had read a few posts saying that new and better tyres could help but was not expecting it the extent that I experienced this morning. The road felt so much smoother and all the jaring little bumps gone. Plus the bike seems much quicker - I was flying along 8) Looking forward to the ride home...

Just thought i'd share :lol:


  • mr_goomr_goo Posts: 3,770
    Have had same experience. Had to change the Blizzards that came with my bike and put on some Ultremos. Inflated to correct psi and Wow!! Just need some better wheels now.
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  • JSTJST Posts: 158
    Tell me about it, better wheels, better bike, the list goes on!

    I had a nasty headwind on my ride back home which put me back in my place :oops:
  • JSTJST Posts: 158
    Sounds good but I think I better wear these out first :lol:
  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    I don't notice any difference, I had Schwable Lugano which ain't even a folding tyre on the back and that was worn, replaced with Michel Pro Race 2 and difference is minimal.
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