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Bike stand options for the shed and van

Tom_0787Tom_0787 Posts: 39
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I use a basic bike rack in my shed to keep my bike upright in the shed. We have had it for years and it worked perfectly for the familys bikes when we had halfords £300 jobbies.

Something like this ... tands.html

Now that i am far more into my bikes I want to find a better suited to an expensive road bike. I quite fancy having it on the wall of the shed out of harms way. Can anyone recoomend a wall hanger thst would be suitable for using in a shed where space is tight. Hopefully having it in the wall will stop anything falling into it when the mower is taken out etc.

Also I have a vw caddy van for work. i often load the bike up then when i finish work go for a ride over the Purbecks. The van is ply lined and I want a way to secure the bike in the van. Would a wall hanger attached securely to the van wall work here?

There is the load area - ... -caddy.jpg there is a side door on the left.


  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
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    In my van a use a bungy which I hook around the seat and handlebars. You could do the same against the side (with suitable attachment points) and place something soft between the bike and the plywood. I take about 5 seconds to get my bike in or out.

    I've tried a lot of other things and this was by far the best in terms of flexibility and convenience. Fits all my bikes.
  • Mr BlisterMr Blister Posts: 25
    +1 for GiantMike I too have used bungies in my van to transport my bikes. As long as you put something between the bike and the ply I think it is the best way to transport them.

    As for the storing a bike in a shed I would say that the rack that you already have is a pretty good idea. I am looking to9 go back to one of those. I currently hang my bike on hooks/a rack and it has marked the underside of the top tube because of the pressure on it, this is not an issue when it is only he front wheel in a rack as with your current set up.

    Hope that helps.
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