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First of all...

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Its been many years since i last visited the [MBUK] forums, alot has changed in the 5 years I've been away.

I was unsure where to post this topic, but all and all its just an introduction, I lost all love for cycling around 2006/2007 and have now re-kindled my love for my bike after the wife suggested selling my old steed [planet-x pitbull]...

after dragging her out of the shed and took for a spin on the street i remembered how much fun i used to have.

but anyway to the point, things have changed in the years ive been gone including the website and the forum and most of all the biking scene in general, my bike needs new parts and i hav'nt the foggiest of whats good and bad anymore.
I dont think hitting the local trails will be my kind of thing anymore but would love to get back to more technical XC and not too downhilly if you catch my drift?

but where to start? im running single speed and dirt jumpers with 3 peice cranks... where to start in replacing these components with more suitable ones, yada'yada ya...

any advice would be appreciated!
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