help : What size Trek 1.2?

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I know all about the science behind bike sizing but the fact is my son is about to buy a Trek 1.2 He's 200 miles away so I can't see him on it. He's tried a 58cm framed bike and the shop reckoned it was fine. They didn't have a 60cm size for him to try. It's his first road bike so has no benchmark to judge its fit against. He's 6ft 2"+, with a 34"+ inseam and takes long-length shirts. I'm confident he doesn't need the 62cm size, but can't help thinking that the 60cm looks a better size for him.

Is there anyone out there with similar dimensions and a Trek bike that can offer some fast feedback and advice.

Many thanks
Phil, in Inverurie


  • dave27
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    Similar leg and height to myself. I went with the 58cm as my arms were locked on the 60cm and seemed too stretched out.

    Some shops said i should be on the 60cm and others 58cm. I went with what felt most comfortable after a good test ride.
  • zexel
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    Yep, am same height and leg.

    I tried the 58 and 60 (Trek 2.3), went with the 58. As above 60 felt too stretched out.

    If it 'feels' right, I reckon it's a good enough start.
  • ba68
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    I'm 6' and about a 33" inside leg, I ride a 58. When I was sizing them up I tried a 56 and a 58, and two different stores suggested the 58 was the best fit. I would have thought a 58 or a 60 would be fine if setup correctly. As Trek's can only be bought from a store and not on-line I would suggest going to a store and trying both on a test ride.

    Evans are able to order in the bikes for you and will let you test ride them, I'm sure most other stores will do the same.