Giant Defy 3

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Would anyone have any views or opinions, or even advice on the handling of a Giant Defy 3 ? I have only ridden the bike a few times since buying and am not sure if it is me or not, but I can't get used to the handling/cornering of this bike. Has anyone else got any insight into the handling ?


  • iank1978
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    I'd be interested in any feedback on this bike as I'm about to buy it in a few days. Will b my first road bike so nothing to compare it to for me so wouldn't know if it will handle as it should etc.
  • greeny1
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    I used to have a Giant Defy equpped with Sora! Spot on bike, really Couldnt complain! I gave it to a family member wish Id kept it as my winter bike. Upgraded to a full carbon bike and it isnt x amount of pounds better than my old Giant, for the money you cant go wrong! Maybe swap the tyres and wheels in time but the frame is brilliant, O and for the extra 50 quid or whatever it is go for the one with the carbon fork!
  • I have had my Defy 4 for a couple of years now, put some decent rubber on it when the Kendas wore out (they where awful) , and now it's on a pair of handbuilts to and it rides spot on. Not really any slower or worse handling in the real world than my Wilier !