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I'm looking to buy a Focus Cayo but wondered what options there are in respect of where to purchase from. Aside from Wiggle, where else could I get one of these bikes ?

Ideally, I'd like to buy one face to face if possible.

I live in Cambs.




  • Wiggle are the UK dealer for Focus. You won't be able to buy one elsewhere.

    They do a no quibble test ride on them for 30 days (or at least they used to - best check) so you can ride it and send it back, free of charge, if you don't like it.
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  • redvision
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    great choice of bike! i have had my cayo for 2 years and i love it! fast, comfortable and very responsive.
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    Thanks for the info - much appreciated.

  • mrwibble
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    i have a cayo, fine bike
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    Me too! Seems they're popular. Good reason for that, they're very good.
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    +1 love mine
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    The 2010 frame was raced by Team Jelly Belly with the exception of a 3T Funda fork and maybe some extra carbon layering to add stiffness, still a very good endorsement!
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    I purchased a Focus Cayo 2nd hand at the end of last year form a colleague. I am very happy with it. It seems faster and more comfortable than both the Bianchi it replaced and the Alu Cannondale I use for my commute.
    Although I did the deal face-2-face, so was able to have a test ride, I found it easy to adjust where necessary to get my riding postion right.
    In the spring I fitted my 'best' wheels & tyres and this made a significant improvement to the ride.