Compact, Sora, 9 speed 48t chainring

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Hopefully a quickie... I need to change my daughters big ring to a 48t for youth gearing. She's currently on a 9 speed sora compact 52t chainring. I've found this: ... 0779318026

Is it what I want?


  • rake
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    compacts are usually 50t not 52t, are you sure its compact.
    why not try a junior cassette with a 13t top gear.
    yes if the bcd is 110 mm then that will fit.
  • Slimbods
    Slimbods Posts: 321
    Yes, it's a compact 52t, but she can't use the big ring because of the youth restrictions, she's 14.

    Was told the best solution was a 48t front, but they seem quite rare in a compact and I'm not sure on compatibility.

    You think I'm better changing the cassette and leaving the 52t on?
  • rake
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    i suppose it depends which is cheaper. either will get lower gearing. but i think youd be fine with that chainring you posted .