Cheapest Shops for Dura Ace 7900 components?

designman Posts: 405
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I'm looking at purchasing some Dura Ace 7900 bits for my new bike and was hoping maybe someone might know any good shops that sell the components quite cheap...
So far Planet X have come cheapest for the brake calipers @ £180.



  • tim_wand
    tim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Merlin. Also most place will price match even on line prices if you can show them a current add/price.
  • c0ugars
    c0ugars Posts: 202
    Ive been looking into this myself and there is not a one stop shop that has the best price for everything, you have to shop around, Ribble is quite good aswell since you get an extra 20% off for just ordering online also they have loads of discount codes that change all the time so you coud end up saving a bomb.