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I've been taking regular 10 -15 mile rides, would like to do longer but time is an issue. I have had the idea of using my time more effectively. Luckily the widest road here is on the seafront and is quite long and steep, was thinking repeating this section as many times as I can in an hour, it would certainly be a more intense ride, or would it be better to stick to a more varied route?
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    That would equate to interval training with can be very effective I would have thought the main problem would be overcoming the boredom of doing the same climb over and over. If you can do this then it should certainly help.
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    Hill Repeats is basically what you're doing, these wil lincrease your strength and power, but not endurance. Good, but for increasing length nothing beats, a long base ride at about 60% of your max heartrate, not increasing that for hills.
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    Thanks chaps, trying to lose weight as well so any excerise is going to help plus it'll make climbing easier in the long run.

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    If it's on the seafront make sure you clean the bike regularly as it'll quickly pick up sand that can properly mess up the chain, cogs and shifting mechanism.
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    For weight loss in a retricted time then that kind of interval training is ideal.

    And no, it's not wrong to enjoy the pain; pain is your new friend if you want to get fitter, thinner and faster.