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I'm looking into power meters to get a better indication of how hard i am working during training sessions on the road. Also to gather an idea of my fitness levels at present and the kind of power i am working at etc...

So i googled power meters and there seems to be quite a few with the top end ones it would seem costing a lot more than my entire bike! :lol:

Does anyone have experience of different power meters because i'm stuck on which to buy now. :?
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    These people http://www.cyclepowermeters.com/ have a very good reputation for discussing this question properly with people.
    (I have no connection with them)
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    PowerTap - cheapest, but you're restricted in what wheels you can use. Easy to switch between bikes.

    SRM - crank-based. Expensive, but possibly the best around if you can afford it.

    Quarq - crank-based. More expensive than a PowerTap, but cheaper than the SRM.

    Power2max - crank-based. Fairly new, but initial reports seem to be good. A bit more than a PowerTap, but cheaper than the SRM and Quarq.

    I think which to buy comes down to budget really. If you only want to spend around £700 then its got to be a PowerTap. A grand would get you either a lighter PowerTap SL+ or a Power2max. If you have £1500 plus then you can start thinking about a Quarq. £2000 plus and you could have anything really though whether the SRM is necessarily the best option just because its the most expensive isn't clear to me.
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    I watched an SRM go on ebay not long ago for a grand, shame i didn't have the money then. :(

    As for the different types, i guess it is down to personal preference on which to buy, they all must perform similarly perhaps with slight changes in readings/accuracy. Thanks for the insight :)
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    i bought a powertap elite on a mavic rim from cycle power meters. it has been absolutely fine. great for training, little bit heavy for racing or sportiving
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    maybe look at renting one before you drop all that cash. Personally don't see the point for the average cyclist. The power meter in my head and the feeling in my legs are usually a good indicator of how I'm training :lol: