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Just thought I'd sing the praises of flapjack (specifically Sainsbury's £1 family trays).

Went to Bristol this weekend from London and got myself a tray of this stuff for the way back. I've tried cereal bars, chocolate, jelly babies...all sorts before, but after a fully laden ride up on friday, fairly drunken evening and 3 nights on a sofa, I expected to be a bit sluggish on the way back. But no, whenever I felt myself flagging a bit I got some flapjack inside me and it felt like rocket fuel!

So, urm all the 'what supermarket on-bike nutrition' questions, Sainsbury's £1 family tray flapjack FTW!

[/pointless thread]


  • deptfordmarmosetdeptfordmarmoset Posts: 3,118
    I recommend making your own if possible. You mix your ''long fuse'' oats with your flavorite ''quick fuse'' fruits and sugars along with a buttery dose of fat to stop it sounding too hyperhealthy. And then, as you eat them, the less you have to carry and the further you go.
  • amun1000amun1000 Posts: 242
    Thats all I eat during the day - well that and fruit and a bowl of porridge for brekky

    MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm - lovely FJ!

    Especially mum's - morrisions isnt bad - but those tubs of little squares are too buttery for my liking.

    Must agree the £1 trays are good value - one tray isnt enough for me

    MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm - lovely FJ!
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