hip /back pain

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I have a niggly pain in my upper left buttock/sacro illiac area for months now.

My saddle is set by lemond fit for saddle height that is confirmed by competitive cyclist bike fit calculations. , i do not have access to a bike fit service.

I have been doing stretches for the area regularly.

I did try resetting my seat height by using the 1.09 x inside leg that gave a saddle height 2 cm lower and gave me back ache + thighs ache in a few miles..

Totally stumped.
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    I recently found this article , it's had me lower my saddle and push the seat quite a bit forward of previous, i've done this in relation to sore hips, I never knew the significance of the hip angle and the ability to get down on the drops, which is what i've been trying to do having just started doing a few TT's for the first time this yearhttp://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:8jTd2ZHm58AJ:www.aeromaxteam.com/media/Bikeset.doc+correct+cycling+hip+angle+open+setup&hl=en&gl=uk&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESiZCK_8CNAr5N-ixDjUNra8inG3XBsaDMgKb2Lsv0LCZF3BvyxKvQC9rt56LdDwIZUYhUZCgf0ffW4EFEV9NnyjHsHqVodBBdrUAFHlmGcSYtJclPcnaOFiItk7afM_7_OkLy_i&sig=AHIEtbS8vFRQe24mVdf_um0ECJofPNhPBQ, hope it helps you like it did me.
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    If you fnd a good answer then let me knwo, I have the same in my right buttock!

    It seems to manifest itself on rides with lots of climbing esp out of the saddle. I find stretching my calves sometimes helps a bit. I too am going through steching and exercise regimes to try to improve it.
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    I started getting the same pain in both hips (it'd alternative, but usually the right) after A big injury I got when I was pushed off my bike.

    I assumed it was related to that, but the way you describe it, it sounds exactly the same.

    I get it particularly badly when I'm spinning like crazy on my single speed, though it does also happen when I'm putting the effort in.

    I mentioned it to my doctor (as part of my injury recovery) and he just said "iboprufen if it hurts" which I gave up since I never know when I'll get it.
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    Has anyone who suffers from this had any advice since?
  • mrwibble
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    boys and girls, do lots of hip stretches, different positions to stretch your hip flexors both sides. glute stretches and psoas stretches will help.

    buy a good hard plilates foam roller and foam roller exercises especially to loosen your IT band at the side of your legs

    cyberknight, why do you not have access to bike fit service?
    sounds like your guessing as to what is wrong with your bike posiiton
    I would recommend a bike fit, it helped me out

    if any of you are desk jockies then i would check out psoas/hip strengthening exercises

    do any of you have set back saddles? maybe you need to move your saddle forward by the way of buying an inline seatpost to engage you glutes better while riding (you would only know this by a bike fit service)

    ps know all this because my lower back/left hip is knackered, so first hand knowledge

    one thing I would recommend to all, is to have a sports massage and get someone to release your tight muscles. You will feel new again, very painful but worth it for the £30 asking price.
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    I had a similar issue with my upper right buttock/lower back, something that had been giving me jip since my squash playing days. I had been to a physio about it and had a proper sports massage.

    It wasn't my seat height as such it was more the difference between my seat height and handlebars. I got a stem with more angle on it so the drop wasn't as big and the pain immediately went away. I think this is called the "French Fit" if you google it.

    I hate the way the bike looks now but what can you do, it's either that and have comfy 4-5 hour rides or be limited to riding the bike for only an hour at a time.

    Your problem may be different to mine but I hope that helps, by the way I'm 36 so not quite an old codger yet but my back is getting there.
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    handlebar height and saddle height are very important especially when you have a bad back. the greater the difference the more low down you will be
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    As Mr Wibble said, the foam roller is excellent! I wouldnt be riding today if it wasnt for that!! Best £25 you'll ever spend, particularly if you dont have the time/money/inclination for a daily sports massage. :wink: