Summer in a BC Bike Park

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Hi All

So I am set to spend a summer working in Canada at Silver Star Bike Park (features in Follow Me for a bit and I ski there in the winter).

I currently ride a Cove Handjob and a Santa Cruz Heckler (old school version with 115mm forks and 4 inch rear shock) Heckler - which bike should I take out with me and what upgrades should I consider on a limited budget?

I am not a big air rider so will be taking chicken route on the big stuff unless I get brave! My bikes are built for UK XC and trail centres but have been to the Alps with no issues. I am pretty much certain the Heckler would be the better bet possibly nicking the wheels from the Cove. I have a 2x9 gear set up on it with bash and chain device, could do with wider bars possibly.
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    Hi All

    So I am set to spend a summer working in Canada at Silver Star Bike Park (features in Follow Me for a bit and I ski there in the winter).

    *cue* "some guys have all the luck..." :lol:
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    Make sure you make it over to Whistler :) I lived there for quite a few years. Amazing place to bike!
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    Not jealous at all!!!! I'd take the heckler, put some wider 750mm ish bars on, possibly tougher wheels and tyres and a dropper seatpost, other than that if it done the alps it should hold up fine. Worth checking out the more natural trails round BC, the parks look great, but the natural stuff is really good to
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    Take the Heckler and get out on the natural trails too as @lawman suggests. There are thousands of kilometers of awesome trails in BC. Whistler and Squamish rock but the interier of BC has some great riding. I grew up in BC so can back up @brookesy2, it is amazing.
    Have fun!
    Many happy trails!
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    is this anywhere near Banff? I am coming out there at the start of June and am looking for some good riding
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    @timpop ahh squampton how i miss your dodgy bowling alley! hahaha

    @t0pc4t Banff is slightly more interior :) In Alberta.
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    Cheers all

    Yeah fully intend to check out the rest of the Okanagan plus Rossland and anywhere else I can get to. Plan is to do a PMBI bike instructor course too as in theory part of my job will be instructing/guiding at the bike park plus working rentals and anywhere else I can to make my hours!

    Got access to a car while I am there, a nice little apartment and know a good few people locally - question at the moment is whether the snow will have melted by the time I arrive!

    I am looking to get an air can for the heckler (looking for a RP2 or RP23 but a Monarch would suit too) and probably swap the wheels from my hardtail as they are newer (not exactly tough though - just Crossrides) - dropper post is out as the hecklers tubes are too skinny!

    I am heading there in mid June, park opens week after. Anyone in the area any time PM me and I will see if I can get you a discounted lift ticket!
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