Time RXS pedal - design flaw?

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I have just had a set of Time RXS pedals fail. The failure occurred due to the plastic pedal body unscrewing from the axle while I was pedaling.

The pedal failed suddenly and without warning during use. Luckily it happen at low speed while I was sitting on the saddle. There is obviously potential for a serious accident if the pedal fails at higher speed or for example in traffic.

I was wary of the apparently flimsy nature of the RXS pedals when I bought them 2 years ago. There was a world of difference between them and the old Time Equipes they were replacing. I am now seriously considering going away from Time after 20 years as I don´t trust the integrity of the RXS pedals.

Thought that I would just share this in case somebody has any comments/help.


  • kettrinboy
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    Actually this was the subject of a recall a couple of years ago now i think, ive got two sets of RXS pedals, the older set 4 yrs old now was subject to the recall but i fixed them myself by unscrewing them and putting threadlock on the bearing retainer and they have been fine since, my newer Carbon/Ti set 2 yrs old had a blob of gold paint under the bearing retainer which means they had been modified during manufacture, also no problems so far.
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    I think this is the recall letter:

    So it appears to be older models.

    I've had a pair for a couple of years with no problems and have just bought another set off E-Bay. They are date marked Nov 2008 and have the gold dot.

    If you bought yours 2 years ago as new, might be worth checking the date mark (just in front of the metal clip) and/or gold dot to see if they were already old/unmodified stock.
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    I have a pair of the carbon ones and a pair of the the plastic.
    Both have the gold dot and both have worked perfectly for 7000 kilometers app. each.
    Sounds like yours missed the recall.

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