Knee pads that actually fit

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I have destroyed my knee pads and am despatately in need of some more. Trouble is, nothing seems to fit me! My old ones didn't either but I have decided this time I will not just buy a mens small and hope for the best!

Anyone have any advice on what fits well? I have long, thin girly legs!!!
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  • EnglishChris
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    661 Kyle Straits seem to be popular... I like mine tho my legs probably aren't the same shape as yours! They are good on, don't really notice them , don't need to adjust them etc...
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  • Gizzy
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    Not sure if it will help as I have short not so small girly legs but my IXS Assault Knee Guards fit really well. They do different lengths so might be worth a look? Having tried a few pairs these are the best I have found so far.
  • Gingie
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    Just got a pair of the Fox Launch Pro knee pads and can honestly say they're the most comfortable pads i've worn.

    I used to wear the Dianese knee guard freestyle (full leg ones) but the back of the knee area was really irritating and used to rub loads.

    Oh and i have long gangly legs... lol.
  • DanielleT
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    Hey Heather!
    Hope you're well chick :)

    I've got the kyle strait knee pads in small ... delID=9590 and they fit really well, you get get the D30 version now too so they're super slim ... elID=24926. For knee and shin i've got 661 race knee/shin guards in small ... elID=57615, fit alomost well but i'm after something new as the neoprene at the top has deterioted due to me over tightening the velcro as the straps are too long and had to be crossed over.

    I tried the troy lee lopes knee and shin as i'd seen them before but after trying them on I didn't like them, the knee cup could easily be torn off the velcro from the knee sock in a dodgy fall. Not sure what to go for myself as I like something that gives alot of all round knee protection and not just the knee cap.
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  • MissBint37
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    Thank you for the tips, I will have a look :) I need to go try some on really but depends what my local shops have in stock....usually nothing in my size!!!

    Danielle, we always seem to miss each other wherever we go these days. Hope we finally run into each other again soon X
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  • racheldawn
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    I second the Fox Launch pro knee pads. They are the first pads I've had but I tried on every type I could find and found these by far the best for fit and protect around the edge of the knee, not just on the front. They were only £45 and felt much better then others twice the price. I have read other good reviews of them also. I would recommend going out and trying pads on, you will soon know which ones you want.
  • sara flowmtb
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    I also like the Kyle Straits, and have friends that like the Fox Launch pros. Most important thing you can do though is to try on as many brands as possible. Can you borrow some from friends to actually try while riding?

    The other thing is with the knee and shin guards you def get what you pay for. I used to have the cheap 661 pads and they always fell down and i hated them. Last summer in my OH's shop I tried on the posh ones and was amazed at the difference in fit. They are a lot more money, but there's a lot more there to keep them in place and to keep them comfy. If I was buying now and wanted shin as well as knee coverage I'd definitely look at something like that rather than the basic ones.