Quick Release Skewers

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Hello, just wondering what QR skewers you all tend to go for? Had my Giant Defy for nearly a year now and thought of replacing them for something else, perhaps something a bit quicker to release?

I guess its just me trying to find something else to buy but what are the advantages of replacing them?


  • danowat
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    Quicker to release? :?
  • gary.hounsome
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    ? I dont know, my front wheel is sometimes is a pain to get out even when lossened alot sometimes needs a good tug!
  • nicklouse
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    that will be the lawyer tags nothing to do with the Qr.
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  • Bobbinogs
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    I am not sure how a new QR will solve that? Have you had a good look when it is playing up to see what is the cause of the snag? It might be worth just swapping a QR with a mate and see if the problem goes away (or not).

    I have quite a few different QRs and, if I am honest, there is no real difference in performance. A nice Dura-ace one is, erm, nice and well built but I also have some old Campag ones (and I mean old) and they work just as well, but weigh a few grammes extra. I compensate for this by visiting the loo before setting off :)
  • gary.hounsome
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    Ill save my self a few quid then!