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I have a Boardman team full suspension MTB I mainly cross country and off road down hill runs but everytime I lean into a bend going pretty quick it feels like the front end is sliding away from me is this the standard speed king tyres or me getting use to the handling of a more expensive bike than I'm use to?


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    Difficult to say. More likely to be a problem with your set up (tyre pressures, sag) and riding style, than a problem with the bike.

    If its a flat corner, try leaning the bike instead of yourself and keep your weight on the outside pedal
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    To be honest I don't completely understand all of the option with sag, rebound and something else aswell maybe you tube can help me lol
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    In my case, I used to have this problem when my tyre pressures were too high. This was because the shop where I got my bike from (and who you expect to know what they are talking about) used to say that they should of been minimum 40 psi.

    However looking around these forums, I found that I should be running a lot less pressure, and having reduced my tyre pressure, I don't seem to have the same issues with grip and loose surfaces.

    I currently run around 25-30 psi in my tyres, being only around 10.5 stone and have not had any problems with nip punctures. 40psi may be ok for tarmac and roads, but its pants for off road.

    I just recommend trying less pressure in your tyres to give you more grip as there is more surface area on the track.
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    more than likey your fork set up and riding style

    but i took the speed king tyres of my boardman as i found that there was not much grip on the front end when pushing hard in to the turns.

    i went with a Kenda Nevegal 2.1 on the front and a Maxxis Advantage 2.1 on the rear.
    felt a lot better.

    but i would try your fork set up 1st.
    not sure what forks you have but try this ... t=12629675
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    put your weight over the front, and push out on the pedal with your outside foot,... this will give you a hell of alot more front end grip.. but be carefull, as the back end using this technique will cause you to drift the back out..

    which can be a bit scary at first, but it's relatively easy to control with the right amount of practice.. I was leaving the pack I was in for dust ( literally) at my last xc race on friday..

    it was mega loose surface and all the spd - ers where lagging behind while I was foot out flat out though the singletrack sections! ( caught me up on the climbs though! ) lol
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