TT Bars

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In the old'un days none of us used TT Bars, so I quite fancy doing some 10's and 25's this year and thought I'd bung some Tri Bars on my Cervelo with 31.8 bars.

I thought about getting some reasonably light ones say up to £75 and if I like them them may switch the bike over to full TT's bars and shifters.

Anyone recommend any?

Some have suggested, but they seem so heavy: - ... prod13580/


  • danowat
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    I personally wouldn't worry to much about the weight, TT courses (apart from SPOCO ones of course) are generally flat(ish), so weight doesn't have as much of a bearing on it, what you'll lose with an extra few hundred grams, you make up for (and then some) with the more aerodynamic position.

    I have some vision carbon clip-ons, which I am looking to flog, although they are a 26mm bar fitting, which is no good for oversized bars....