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Havent got a clue about BMX bikes

apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
They BMX/skate park near us and my 11 yr old lad wants to get a BMX.

But I havent a clue where to start - there seem to be so many different makes and the cheaper ones seem to be so heavy. I cant find any impartial websites like Bikeradar that do BMX and the reviews I find seem to rave even about the heavy naff ones because all too often the buyers dont know any different.

Want to spend as little as possible while getting something light enough, and with enough cred that he will use it, but not too desirable that it will be too big a target for thieves or we will get upset when it gets bashed and abused.

Thinking about getting something second hand but I dont know any of the makes, how much to spend or what to look for.

Any advice appreciated.


  • el_vinoel_vino Posts: 64
    There are some good specialist websites and some good shops. Consider an own brand from Edinburgh Bike Co-op or Decathlon which are decent otherwise GT, Mongoose and Haro do decent entry level bikes.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    I think I am starting to get there but hoping to get one on ebay for less money - ideally one that has already been scuffed about a bit but still in good working order so that someone else has taken the hit in depreciation.

    Looks like I need to be spending at around £150 for a bike that was originally around £300 to hit the lowest end that has useable and not too heavy bikes?

    Not sure how high up the mongoose range I need to go, but looking at one which is a Mongoose Culture.

    I have found a couple of BMX forums so will try finding some info/help there - if you know of any particularly good focums let me know.

  • el_vinoel_vino Posts: 64
    The things that change as you go up through the prices are Hi Tensile steel frames change to ones with more Cromo i.e. main triangle and forks or all cromo , Cranksets move to 3 piece.

    If you look at the Mongoose range on Evans website you can see this change between the £219 Capture and £249 Culture.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Excellent - that really helps me know what to look for.

    Have my eye on a few on ebay now.

    thanks for all the help!

  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Won a Kink Whip for £102 on ebay in the end - seems like a bargain although just got some extra pics though and there seem to be alot of scratches on the frame. I think for the price this is probably OK and I actually wanted something less shiny and to pay less for it as it should make it less attractive to thieves and less annoying when my son scratches it at the skate park.

    Does this look like a good one, and a reasonable price?

    thanks for any comments - dont get it until Friday so still time to back out as the scratches arent mentioned or shown on the ad so not entirely as described, but I think probably the condition you would expect for that price?
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Got some more pics including:




    Shows quite a big scrape that wasnt mentioned on ebay and the crank mounted on the wrong side at some point with quite alot of chips.

    I think despite this, and because the price was cheap for that bike that it is worth what I will be paying, but if I were paying more money I would back out now.

    Am I being stupid if I still buy it, is there anything I should be looking for when I see it to make sure it is OK? Or should I run a mile?
  • motopattermotopatter Posts: 179
    what on earth was it doing with the crank on the wrong side?

    I don't know anything about bmx's but I'd seriously wonder what they were up to?

    Note though - there could be a very plausable explanation :?
    wave your willy here !!!! :)
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    I am guessing they stripped it down to clean (possibly service) it prior to the pics to sell it - and put it on the wrong side - notice the chain is not on, and in the pics where it is the crank is on the right side.

    bizarred really...

    Think I am going to go have a look and if it seems in working order still go for it - I was thinking about getting one and making it look s****y by putting some blobs of paint etc on it anyway - so that it wasnt flashy - I guess the seller has done the job for me, as long as there is nothing wrong with it.
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