Sidi Mega (wide fitting) sizing

Steve Tcp
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Hey all, I tried on a pair of Sidis in my LBS the other day and whilst they were comfortable at that point (like slippers actually) I noticed that the main strap was a good way from being central on the top of my foot when I tightened it up. I know that Sidi do wide fitting shoes which might suit me but unfortunately these are only available to order and I'm not sure whether they might be too big if I buy them, so I wonder if anybody here has a pair of properly fitting Sidi Mega shoes and would be able to give me an idea of their foot circumference at the widest point - I've looked but can't find this information anywhere else? I'll be buying a size 45.

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  • Garry H
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    You can adjust the length of the main strap on most top end shoes.