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Anyone else get sore fingers after longish fast rocky desents, my little finger begins to hurt after about 10 miles on rocky terrain, its not numb, just hurts like its been bashed around. Usually have to stop at the bottom and take a few seconds to stretch it out a few times. On a carrera fury, with Superstar Excels and 661 Rajis. Is it just a case of MTFU and get used to it, or does it sound like a setup problem.


  • andrewjoseph
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    Maybe softer grips, gloves with more padding, or relax your grip more.

    perhaps the sweep of the bars is not suitable, you may need more or less sweep.
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    Could be your brake levers are too high or too close to the grips.
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    Happens to me too, guess the vibrations cause the joints to cramp up. I know what you mean though it really kills and is annoying as hell!
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    Happens to me too, guess the vibrations cause the joints to cramp up. I know what you mean though it really kills and is annoying as hell!

    had issues also a lot when started but even with gloves it isnt going to go away.

    sometimes the fingers can "click" which is the gas building up between the joints.

    it isnt a major issue more a pain, and so far i found that doing finger exercises working well.

    ie squeezing a ball ect also doing pullups with fingers only no thumb,as well as finger press-ups which really helps, though depends how fit you are :D

    top tip:
    put your hands in warm water before going out on bike for a few mins this will get the blood into the hands and warm the joints up, means less chance of fingers getting cramped up.
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    Sounds as tho you're either holding on too tight or levers are in wrong position or you may have weak fingers/wrists?

    Try relaxing, I really used to grip the grips until I went to visit a mate in Canada a few years ago who has raced DH and MX all his life. First thing he told me "dude, relax that grip! you should be barely squezing...I hold my weener tighter when I'm whacking off!!"

    Helped lots. also if you have weak wrists/fingers/forearms buy a powerball, they're great and it'll help losen the joints post ride also...
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    Get yourself a Power Ball. awesome little exercise device that will give you a stronger grip.
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    As you're using lock-on grips then maybe the outermost alloy lock rings are the cause of your little finger pain. I've seen lock-ons that only have lock rings on the innermost sides of the grips.

    edit - like these ones: ... elID=44923
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