hardtail mtb or jump bike?

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Hi folks, bit of a problem for me here, after trashing my cheapo Appollo in the woods a while back I've decided to get a decent bike. I'd like to be able to off-road mostly and commute to work twice a week (24 mile round trip). So the question really is what to go for, will I find the commute too much of a strain on a jump bike? Will something like the GT Agressor/Avalanche give me enough capability to do small jumps etc on offroad, since it's obviously better for road commuting? I know I'm probably asking for too much here but any advice is gratefully received. The reason I'm wondering is that I'm 6'2 and 16 stone and jump bikes seem stronger, I'm sure my weight had alot to do with the state of the Appollo after it's last jump, hehe.....those cheapos are definately NOT made for enthusiastic riding! Cheers for any advice, oh budget around £500.00 if that helps.


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    If your on a tight budget something like the GT Agressor, Karrera Kraken or a P series specialized. Most proper mountain bikes are capable of doing small jumps, I ride 4' drops on my specialized hardrock & I have seen someone do a 8' drop on a cheap Cube hardtail, though I don't think it would take many of those to snap the frame.
    If you want something that will take lots of abuse (big jumps, drops downhill) have a look for a used On-One 456 Summer Season or an Orange Crush or Saracen Zen
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    Apollos are not actually made for anything. You should be fine on most reasonable quality bikes unless you want to serious jumping.
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    Thanks guys!