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I thought I was finally at the point where I would be able to place my order for my new bike this weekend. After weeks of scouring the web and magazines, and speaking to my lbs I thought I had decided on the cube agree gtc pro, at £1500. However, just today I have come across the cube agree pro which seems to be better specced, though has a as alloy frame as opposed to the carbon, but retails at £100...... Not much in the grand scale but still less money.
Also I have been thinking more recently that I would eventually like to move towards triathlons, and as such have found on the internet the cube aerium pro, which on the surface seems to tick the box both as a road bike, and future proving towards triathlons.

Does anyone have opinions about these bikes? I realise it appears I have an obsession with cube bikes, but Im sure it's due to their test scores and they seem to be excellently specced.


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    I know a few of you have the agree pro, must be some opinions....... Good or bad?!
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    Ride Trek so I cannot comment for you. What I would say and I know it is a personal thing - the change from an aluminium frame to a carbon frame made a significant difference to me.

    The carbon frame I ride now provides a more comfortable ride as it soaks up the road bumps more effectively and no road buzz felt through the bars which used to cause me numbness in my hands when riding the Alloy frame.

    Best advice is to go and ride the two bikes back to back and make your choice on what feels right.
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    I have just upgraded from a trek 1.2, aluminium frame carbon forks and sora groupset to a cube gtc agree race, carbon fibre frame, fulcram5 wheels and complete ultegra groupset and it is a lovely bike, i have covered about 400miles so far and have no complaints, i am able to fit tri bars on it, a friends son who is semi pro has said they are very good bikes for the money(£1800.00), other manufacturers eg trek, cannondale, specialised did not compete at this price range for the spec , friends who race have said it is not a racey(if there is such a word) enough geometry for them.
    I was lucky as my brother in law had this model so i got to use his before buying mine
    ask the shop for a test ride
    A mouthfull of mud, i guess ive crashed

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    You could always get an FM015 frame from a Chinese eBay seller for 300 quid and spec it yourself? Same frame as the cube...
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    Thanks for the input guys. The idea of building a bike would does appeal, although I think my knowledge is a long way off from that.
    Guess I need to find somewhere with all these bikes in stock.