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Just got back into riding after a break of nearly 20 years. Used to have a Cannondale M500 with Pace RC35s and Hope bits.
I decided to buy a bike for my short commute and got a 2009 Cannondale Badboy Solo 8. It has an Alfine 8 rear hub (heavy) and I had decided I was going singlespeed so have bought a set of Mavic XC717 with Hope Pro II hubs with a view to fitting a spacer and cog kit.
I've now decided to move over to a "proper" mountain bike so my questions are -
1. Is it possible to retrofit suspension forks to my Badboy frame (currently have a solo rigid fork) or will the geometry be out? My frame is medium and I'm 5'11" ish and it feels a tad big, will suspension forks make it feel bigger?
2. Should I sell the Cannondale and buy a HT?
3. Or, buy an Orange P7 frame and suspension forks - AFAIK it can be run singlespeed or with conventional gearing. That way I could swap the new wheels and whatever bits that fit from the Cannondale and sell the rest on eBay (Alfine setup, frame and forks etc.)
Ideally I'd like a hardtail for my short commute that I can use off road at the weekends.
Frame doesn't necessarily have to be a P7 (I just fancy one!). I also like the look of the On One frames but I think I need to make the choice between slot dropouts or vertical.
Any guidance greatly appreciated.


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    1. It is possible, just check the steerer tube and head tube sizing is the same
    2. If you want to
    3. If you want to

    Its a personal decision tbh, depends if you want a new bike.

    If I were you I'd probably just get new forks but leave the steerer length long as possible so you could put them on a new frame later down the line if you wanted to
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    If using a hopr Pro 2 rear hub make sure you have a SS kit with a wide foot or the cog will rip through the body unless you swap the body out for a steel one.
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    Thanks for the input. The head tube on the Badboy is quite long so buying forks and keeping the steerer long is a great option. I think I have made my mind up after many hours browsing on here that I want a new bike!
    I've been looking at the On One Inbred frame and fork packages but they are out of stock on the 16" in white. Ideally I'd like an Orange P7 but my budget will only stretch to around 500 for frame and forks. I don't mind buying second hand so will keep an eye on the classifieds and post a wanted ad.

    Thanks for the heads up. Was planning on using one of these kits, do you think they'd be suitable?

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    Ordered a 16" On One Inbred frame and Rockshox Reba RLT120 Forks today.
    Just need to decide what makes more sense,
    1. Buy all new parts for the Inbred (already have a Hope Pro II / Mavic XC717 wheelset) and sell the Badboy as a complete bike or
    2. Use what I can from the Badboy, Avid Juicy 5s, Truvativ Firex and part out the frame and forks and Afine rear wheel / lefty front wheel.
    I'll need to buy a new bottom bracket and seatpost anyway as they are different sizes