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hi all

ive been on and off my bike for the past 6 years.

are the any groups in the chesterfield area? im into XC mainly, would like to get better at downhill in time.

i have my own transport so can meet anywhere really and i can get time off in week, a morning on bike would be perfect, leaves the afternoon for work.

many thanks



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    I'm not associated with these guys but they are pretty well hooked up. Look at some of the local bike shops (LBS) in your area if you want to ride near you. If you want to travel and get into downhil check out Wharncliffe woods/riders group.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Also check the ride section of the forum if you haven't already.
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    Every wednesday leaving the shop at 7pm.

    Front+rear light are a must.

    Look for them on facebook, invites go out on there too if you're a member.

    Ride is about 1hr40mins with pub at the end.

    I work at the shop and normally aim to go on the ride, uni work load is too much at the moment though. Hope to see you on one of the rides in a couple of weeks when im free. Im Dean by the way.
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    Also have a look in the Rides forum.
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