Clip-on Aero Bars.. worth it?

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Just did my first duathlon and will probably be doing it once a month over the summer as well as possibly a triathlon.

Currently using my PX SL which is set-up reasonably relaxed for long Sportives. I'm not planning on getting a TT bike and my PX is mainly used for longer weekend rides.

Firstly, is it worth getting a pair of Clip-on Aero Bars for the PX with the current setup? (without changing the rest of the setup of the bike?)
I would assume that in the aero position, this would be actually higher than in the drops? (so maybe less aero?)

Secondly, if it is worth getting a pair of clip-ons, any recommendations (nothing too expensive - if there is such a thing). Also use a standard helmet and shades etc.. so wonder whether money would be better spent elsewhere..???

In terms of distance, the duathlon is 2 mile | 10 mile | 2 mile and the triathlon will probably be an Olympic distance.

I'm 41 and not in that ultra-fit cat - so not going to win any prizes, but want to give it a reasonable shot, without getting too obsessive.

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  • derbygrimpeur
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    I've recently added some of these to my Ribble Winter bike and took 1:31 off my time round my local 12.5 mile "sporting" TT course.

    Worth it in my opinion. Over 10 miles, will make about 1 minute difference assuming the course is flat.
  • tremayne
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    Potentially worth 1mph. However, totally dependant on a load of other stuff - including how fast you actually ride.

    Main thing to remember is that it isn't just about getting lower. Lower is great - but not if it ties your body up in knots. The aero bar gains are more along the lines of 'narrower' than purely 'lower'. They want to be set fairly close together, but perhaps get practice and gradually narrow the gap. First time out on close aero bars can be daunting.

    Bottom line - you will be faster, your time will be quicker. More so over longer distances, less so over shorter.
  • danowat
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    Worth it?, HELL YES.

    Same course, same conditions, following week clips-on took 2mins off my 10 time.
  • springtide9
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    Thanks, very useful and will be ordering a pair of clips.

    In terms of time, managed roughly 13mins for the 2 mile run; 26 mins for the 10 mile (9.3m) TT (21.6mph ave) and another 13mins for the last 2 mile run. 55mins in total.

    I hadn't run at all for 8 weeks (since doing a Half M), so was very concious of my second run and not killing myself on the bike. It was 5 laps of Castle Combe, so faily flat. I'm sure I can push a bit harder in the middle 3 laps, and hopefully keep the same pace with the runs. We will see :)

    But also looking for a bit of 'free' time to add to my transition improvements (hopefully 1m15s improvement, as I was slooow!). Another 1 min for using tri bars sounds great.