Cyclocross Wheelset question

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I know that the Mavic ksyrium SSLs are used for cyclocross wheels. But can the mavic ksyrium elite whelset be used as cyclocross wheelset, are the spokes and hub designed to take the beatings of offroad?

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  • peanut1978
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    probably best contacting a retailer or dealer
  • night_porter
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    I don't think any wheelset is designed to take a beating per se. Take a look at Mavic's website and they do not even mention wheels for cyclocross.

    As cyclocross is predominantly a winter sport when the ground is slightly softer (unless it is frozen). But the main protection for the wheels is the width of the tyres because they contain a greater volume of air.

    When a wheel hits something hard the whole tyre absorbs the energy because the compression of the air goes completely around the wheel. Plus of course spokes flex to also absorb the impact.

    The Elites will be fine, unless you listen to marketing advice then only the most expensive wheels in their range will do....they love us to doubt the strength of cheaper alternatives.
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    People ride carbon rims for CX - the fatter tyres are run at lower pressure over generally softer surfaces so actually isn't too hard on them IME. However, cleaning the bike after with a power-washer is what kills the bearings. There's no reason Elites aren't suitable for CX, except the fact that they're clinchers - most serious riders use tubs because they can be run safely at lower pressures for better grip with low risk of impact punctures.
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