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who's doing the fred? And what you wearing ?!

ed34ed34 Posts: 8
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Forecast is wet but warmish!

Never done a huge ride like this in the wet so havent got a clue what i'll wear, probably shorts and knee warmers, but no idea about the top yet as i usually boil in the bag in waterproofs.
I'd normally just wear a gilet or my tiny windprof and put up with getting damp as these arent waterproof but for a long ride like this i'll be soaked at the end!

Anyway am still looking forward to it, coming down honister, hardknott and wrynose passes will be inetersting in the wet :shock:


  • freddiegrubbfreddiegrubb Posts: 448
    :oops: Be careful my friend, I'm reasonably local & have been down these passes in various weathers & sometimes they aint no fun. Also remember the L/district is full of tourists at this time of year & a portion of them haven't a clue about driving constraints in narrow lanes/roads
  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    fortcast for rain this weekend slipery roads after the dry last 3 weeks
    going downhill slowly
  • FeltupFeltup Posts: 1,340
    The top of Harknott etc is a lot colder than down in the valley so watch out for freezing on the descents. Also make sure you are on the drops and brakes as soon as you get over the top of Hardknott because you don't want to pick up any speed or you won't make the hairpins!

    Good luck, it is a great ride.
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