After a new mountain bike; please help

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Hello :)

I'm new to the mountain bike scene after not having a bike for close to 15 years now...

I'm a 31 year old lad; 6ft 4 and currently 21stone! I had up intil a month back competed in weightlifting and powerlifting (all drug free) but with a number of niggling injuries to my shoulder blades and mid-back I've decided to retire from the competing scene

I still lift at the gym 4 times a weel but I've dropped back to more of a body-building routine with more reps and lighter weights but still keep doing the heavy squats, deadlifts and bench press etc...

What I'm after now though is to lose some weight and drop down to about 18/19 stone again.

It's a nightmare to find clothes that fit me currently (I'm not fat, just broad shouldered and with big thighs etc...) but I wouldnt mind losing some of the 'added protection' I've gained over the years haha :oops: :P

Anyways... I'm after a good mountain bike (budget to £500, possibly a bit more for the right bike). Obviously I need it to be able to support my weight but also to take my power/strength etc...

What would you recommend?

I'm based in Preston, Lancashire so I'm sure there are some decent bike shops around...

All advice welcomed :)