Allez to Synapse?

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I currently have a 2010 Specialized allez 16 that I bought last year as an introduction to road bikes.

I have now well and truely caught the bug!

My Allez is in mint condition and mechanically perfect. I am looking at upgrading to a 2011 Cannondale Synapse in either 105 or Ultegra.

was originally looking at the Super Six but I have a history of lower back problems (even though Im only 23!) from wakeboarding injuries and although not a problem at the moment due to recent extensive chiropractics I dont want to exaggerate the stress on my back if possible. I have also started riding longer distances and im doing my first 100 mile sportive in July so It seems that the Synapse sits the bill in terms of a mix of speed and comfort.

What I want to know is will there be a darmatically noticeable difference going from a basic Allez with the 2300 groupset to a 105 carbon Synapse?



  • Yep
    Should be smoother, faster, gears more exact and braking should be a fair bit better

    I went from an allez to a carbon willier
  • taimur
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    Excellent pick on the Synapse!
    Going carbon or alloy? Synapse comes in both.

    the new Ultegra is fabulous!
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    2011 alloy Synapse has clearance / mounts for proper mudguards if that makes any difference. I'd have bought one had that been the case back in 2008.

    You selling the Allez?? If so, what size is it and could I make an offer?
  • Tom_0787
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    Im going for the carbon, Just trying to decide between 105 or ultegra.

    I am going to be selling the Allez once I have the new bike.

    Its a 56cm, it has done just over 500 dry miles. Always stored inside. It is immaculate, there is not a single mark on the frame or any paint damage at all.

    I wax the frame and lube the chain etc every other ride.

    It had just been serviced and had a rear hub strip and re-grease. The guy who did the work commented that it looks like it just left the shop as the chainset is so clean.

    I will include a specialized frame mounted mini pump, specialized bottle cage.
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    Bum ! Too big for me or my son.

    Sounds like a great second hand buy for some lucky bugger!
  • Tom_0787
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    keef66 wrote:

    Sounds like a great second hand buy for some lucky bugger!

    Beginning to question why im selling it!