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A2 Iceni Road Cyclist

SoniSoni Posts: 1,217
edited May 2011 in The bottom bracket
Who is the Iceni Road Cyclist who cycles up the A2 in the mornings?

Is he on here?

I pass him (in my car) most mornings London bound between the Bexleyheath and Falconwood turnings, he turns off at Falconwood, and must admit i thought he was mad, and especially the other morning when i notice him sitting on the barrier on the very narrow hard shoulder changing a tube due to a puncture!!

I am a keen road cyclist but wouldn't attempt the A2!!! :D


  • GazzaputtGazzaputt Posts: 3,227
    Yep seen him quite a few times.

    Posted a while back in the commuting forum about him.

    I also saw him Tuesday where he was sitting on the crash barrier repairing a puncture where the speed camera is after the Danson junction. Is narrow there.

    Pure madness imo and also that hard shoulder is full of debris.
  • deptfordmarmosetdeptfordmarmoset Posts: 3,118
    My daughter lives a few yards from that stretch of road. Just walking from hers to the roadside you can smell and see the air quality suddenly deteriorating. It's not somewhere I'd ever choose for exercise.
  • SoniSoni Posts: 1,217
    Glad its not just me then guys, thought I was a lightweight.....

    He was cycling along that stretch during the winter to, dark mornings and nights on the a2 with nothing more than a small fun light on, he is certainly braver than I am that's for sure.

    And as you mentioned, the air quality is terrible, I am spoilt as live directly on the north downs with some excellent rides, climbs, and great fresh air!
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