NEW Rider // North East, England : 2011 Cube Tonopah

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Best weekend for a while!...

Not only did I turn 22 on Saturday! along with all the cards through the letter box came my 'cycle2work' voucher, perfect timing!…a quick call to my LBS Iron Horse Cycles and I was informed that 2011 CUBE Tonopah had arrived through the week, and was built & setup ready for collection. Awesome stuff.

I turned up with a mate of mine who had recently got himself a Cube LTD Race from them, and he was after a few spares. Johnny was keen to point out some of the nice parts & features on my new bike! He kept us both right and threw in a few freebies, which was excellent!..a decent bottle holder, a Camelback bottle (which is great!) some tyre tools for taking the tyre's off, spare inner-tubes, some puncture patches & some chain lube! He also knocked a fortune of a nice red 'Hope' light which should of been over a £100. For £70!

So all in all, very well looked after! Couldn't recommend these guys enough especially to somebody living on Teesside, or even in the North East!

Anyway, I didn't mess around in giving it a quick run out to see what it was like and to get a feel for things and we ended up doing a nice 14.5 miles in the beautiful weather. The only reason it didn't turn into more was due to having no form of money on me and being desperate for something to drink!…so ended up at the girlfriends, parked up the bike, fired up the BBQ and cracked open a tin of 'Red Stripe' and that was that.

We decided to all go for a ride out yesterday (33 miles) and did notice a couple of things which I thought I would mention to you guys for some advice on!?…these were;

The Seat, a little sore on the arse after a few miles, and especially the next day!?...What do you guys recommend for this? is it something you get used too or is there something you can do to 'ease the pain' as such lol!? or am I just been a 'big girl' like my girlfriend reckons lol!?


The Pedals, a few up hill sections, and after a while of riding, standing up here & there, my feet were really sore in the middle!?…as if the pressure wasn't evenly applied to the surface of the foot!? (something like that anyway! lol) so I was just wondering what you guys could suggest for this??? my friend has the Cube LTD Race, with larger flatter pedals and it seemed a lot nicer when pushing harder, so could it be something as simple as swapping my pedals? if so what too??...

Any help & advice would be much appreciated!

Anyway thanks if your still reading and below are a couple of pictures of the bike!

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    Padded cycling shorts will do the trick these can be worn under your normal shorts. This will make a big difference.

    As for the pedals cant see clearly on the photos but maybe you need stiffer sole on your shoes.