Which Tubs?

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Just got some deep section tubular wheels for dry TTs only - can anyone recommend any tubs for the job?

....There's too much choice!


  • danowat
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    Depends how much puncture protection you want.

    Veloflex records are supposed to be super fast, I use a combination of Vittoria Corsa Evo CX, Conti Podium and Conti Sprinters, and they seem fine to me
  • Cornish-J
    Cornish-J Posts: 978
    thanks danowat, anyone else have any other recommendations?
  • moonshine
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    ive used Vitorria Corsa Evo CX 23mm and i'm using Vitorria Pave Evo CG 24mm this year.

    Both are good, the Pave a bit more robust than the corsa.
  • Cornish-J
    Cornish-J Posts: 978
    thanks all, ordered the corsa.
  • kilo
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    Vitorria Corsa Evo CX +1