Ultegra shifter buzz

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My right ultegra 6700 shifter has developed a very faint rattle on anything but the smoothest surfaces. The noise is so faint that it sounds a little like a buzzing insect flying beside me! The buzzing seems to stop when I ride in the hoods with my fingers off the levers, so perhaps it's not the levers themselves. I've read that there is often a problem with the top cap with "Ultegra" written on it - I'll look into that. But I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced, and ideally solved, a similar problem? Cheers!


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    Dont know about the 6700 shifters but both sets of my 7900 shifters rattle like hell on everything but the smoothest road surface.
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    My 11 speed Super Record left shifter does this, also noticed it on a Centeur 10 but never on 2 sets of Record 10 speeds.
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    This sort of thing can be symptomatic of a sticky brake caliper, i.e. the shifter is not stabilised by the strong return spring on the brake.
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    Blue Scot. This is a common problem with both new Ultegra and Dura Ace 7900. I've fixed mine, my pal's, my daughter's etc but hope that my description of how, will make sense.
    On the right lever which always seems to be the worst, pull both brake and gear lever as far to the left as possible and hold them there....you'll need the chain to be in the smallest sprocket at the rear to start with to get the maximum shift left.
    Once you've pulled the levers over, you should be able to see a small black metal 'protusion' pointing down underneath. This is what your gear / brake levers are rattling against.
    What I have done, and although it works perfectly (and has done for over 12 months), it is a bit 'heath robin-ish!!'.
    I use a piece of 'narrow' co-axial cable (not the thick stuff), and cut say half an inch off. Then I carefully remove the wire from inside the sheath, and cut the sheath again, to match the length of the metal 'protusion' referred to above. All you do then, is slide the sheath of cable over the metal 'protusion' and if you have cut it to the correct length, as well as used the correct gauge co-axial cable, then it will stay in place for ever (ish) and stop the buzz / rattle, while still allowing the levers to function correctly.
    If the levers stick a bit, it's because the sheath has not been cut short enough.....so just take it off, and take a bit more off it.
    Sorry to be so long winded but it takes seconds to do, but ages to explain!!
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    It may sound a little Blue Peter-ish but I'll certainly give it a go. Thanks for the tip.